Publications by Terry Martin

Policy Snapshots

A Flash-IT project publication series

Thematically focused syntheses of findings emerging from EU-funded SSH* research projects. Each edition relates SSH research results to a Europe 2020 policy priority.  

Topics to date:

  • Inclusive Growth - Social Inequalities
  • Inclusive Growth - Social Innovation
  • The EU in the World: Global Engagement & Governance
  • Inclusive Growth - Employment
  • Nexus between energy, environment, transport & land use - Sustainable Growth
  • Promoting Peace and Security - The EU in the World
  • Demography and Ageing - Inclusive Growth
  • Intangible Assets and Indicators - Smart Growth


Policy Research Alerts
A Flash-IT project publication series

One-page news items (similar to a press release) highlighting policy-relevant developments in EU-funded SSH research projects.

Topics to date.

  • Transatlantic Elites
  • Museums and Migration
  • Sustainable Societies
  • Social Innovation
  • Welfare, Wealth and Work
  • Religion and Law
  • European Transnationalism
  • Media Freedom and Accountability
  • EU Citizenship
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Educational Decision-making
  • Internet Privacy
  • Regional Cohesian
  • Health Systems in Central & Eastern Europe
  • Employment & Quality of Life
  • Labour Policy Development
  • Cultural Diversity 
  • Poverty Assessment
  • Intangible Assets


Communicating research for evidence-based policymaking
- a practical guide for researchers in socio-economic sciences and humanities

2010 - European Commission

This guidebook, developed in close coordination with the EC, is being used as a reference work for SSH coordinators to plan and implement policy-relevant dissemination activities.


Policy Briefs

SPIA specializes in producing evidence-based policy briefs for research initiatives. The agency’s director has written or edited dozens of such briefs, taught masterclasses on the subject and advised the European Commission on the development of its SSH policy brief series.

* socio-economic sciences and humanities

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