SPIA (Science-Policy Interface Agency) has its genesis in an ongoing process of consultations with European policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs, civil society organisations and journalists on how best to bridge the science-policy communications gap.

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The agency was founded in 2010 by Terry Martin, a Berlin-based journalist and broadcaster. It grew out of communications consulting work that the European Commission Research Directorate asked Terry to provide in 2008. As SPIA's director, Terry oversees all of the agency's activities.   

Addressing a need for enhanced communications capacities in EU-funded SSH research projects, Terry wrote the guidebook Communicating Research for Evidence-based Policymaking (European Commission, 2010). He also shaped development of the EC’s SSH* Policy Brief series (2008-09) and co-delivered a highly acclaimed communication masterclass series for SSH researchers in Brussels (2010-12). In addition to the Research Directorate, Terry has contributed to science-policy interface efforts within the EC's Environment DG.


In addition to writing scores of news articles on EU-funded research for the SCOOP news service, Terry has moderated numerous policy-oriented research events and served as rapporteur for major conferences, including the conclusion of the EU’s public consultation on the creation of the European Research Area.

SPIA shares Europe's commitment to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. And we wholeheartedly endorse initiatives enabling researchers to produce policy-relevant insights on a pan-European scale.

Selected clients:

The European Commission (Directorate-General for Research and Innovation)
The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation
ACATECH (National Academy of Science and Engineering - Germany)
- The Conference Board (Europe)
- net4society (Europe)
- Google (Germany)

 * socio-economic sciences and humanities

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